We are a New Jersey based law firm handling all bankruptcy matters statewide in all counties. The combined experiences of our diverse legal team provides our law firm with the ability to represent clients in a wide array of practice areas with a high quality of legal representation and service.


Personalized Representation is important for our clients. Whether it means having a one-on-one attorney or a team of lawyers to handle a client's case, we make it a critical point to provide quality legal representation on an individualized basis.


With our proven strategies, years of combined legal experience, individualized representation that is unparalleled, reputed and recommended attorneys, our commitment to treating clients like family, reasonable fee structures, and convenience for clients, we have consistently considered as a New Jersey Popular Choice Firm.


We simply offer reasonable flat fees for representation and provide our clients with customized installment plans that are easy to manage, comfortable, and uniquely personalized for each and every client of ours. When one retains our law firm, it is a strong desire for us to feel that our clients are now more comfortable in the trusting relation we have consistently strived for.



Managing Partner

*admitted New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Attorney Harrison Ross Byck is the Managing Partner of Kasuri Byck, LLC. | Law Offices. Attorney Byck holds a Juris Doctorate from Temple University and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Business Law, and Human Resources Management. His experience includes having clerked for a New Jersey Judge, having worked for various law firms in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and eventually having had his own independent law firm with over 40 members and having worked on a large variety of cases. His experience includes work in various practice areas and matters including: Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Business Transactions, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Family Law, Divorce, Collections, Contracts, Settlements, Banking Law, Criminal, Creditor Rights, Landlord/Tenant, Mortgage Matters, Employment, Trial Work, and more.
With 28 years of legal experience, Attorney Harrison Ross Byck is a dedicated and hard-working attorney, who has contributed greatly to the justice system and to the success of many the firm clients.



*admitted New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Attorney Warren D. Levy was one of the initial key founders of the law firm and was originally the head managing partner at the firm, when it was known as the Law Offices of Kasuri & Levy, LLC. Currently, Attorney Levy is now affiliated with the firm as ‘Of-Counsel’ and the firm is today known as Kasuri Byck, LLC. | Law Offices.

With over 20 years of experience in various fields, including litigation, employment, family matters, debtor/creditor representation, foreclosure, mortgage matters, bankruptcy, and a wide array of other financial related legal matters, Attorney Levy is a dedicated and hard-working attorney, who has contributed greatly to the justice system and to the success of many clients.

Attorney Levy holds a Juris Doctorate Law Degree from Temple University, a Masters in Public Administration from Penn State University, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Rider University. He has spent many years involved in government, with the New Jersey Governor's Office of Tom Kean, held a Judicial Clerkship in Philadelphia, and was a Partner in a prominent large Philadelphia and South Jersey Law Firm.

He resides with his wife and children in New Jersey and is an active participant within his local community.



*admitted New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Attorney Punita Patel currently works with the Law Offices of Kasuri Byck, LLC on a variety of legal matters. Attorney Patel holds a Juris Doctorate from Villanova University School of Law and a Bachelor of Science degree from the Pennsylvania State University. She is admitted to practice law in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.



*admitted New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Attorney Joshua L. Thomas has extensive experience in the fields of foreclosure defense, bankruptcy and the appellate court in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Mr. Thomas has gone to trial in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to help protect homeowners’ rights. Mr. Thomas prides himself on vigorously fighting for and defending his clients so that they can receive the most favorable result possible. Mr. Thomas has helped multiple homeowners get their homes free and clear and has helped hundreds of others come to a positive outcome in their Foreclosure Cases and helped them gain fresh starts from bankruptcy cases.

Mr. Thomas graduated from Temple University James E. Beasley School of Law with 5 outstanding class speaker awards and received the Law Faculty Scholarship.
He also worked in his third year of law school helping the indigent who needed to file for bankruptcy with the Consumer Bankruptcy Assistance Program in Philadelphia.
He currently resides with his wife and son in Pennsylvania and looks forward to helping you as much as possible.



*admitted Connecticut, United States Tax Court

Attorney Kuljeet S. Kasuri has significant experience in a wide array of legal matters. Attorney Kasuri primarily handles matters out of his firm's Connecticut offices, which handle various legal matters such as bankruptcy, mortgage/foreclosure matters, divorce law, family matters, criminal matters, estate matters, employment, personal injury, and other financial related matters.

Attorney Kasuri previously worked with the Bristol County District Attorney's Office in New Bedford, Massachusetts, while in law school, where he spent the majority of his time arguing in bail hearings on behalf of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and also working on various other criminal matters. Other relevant legal experience was gained while working alongside Attorney Kuldip S. Kasuri.

Attorney Kasuri resides with his wife and children, is fluent in Hindi and Punjabi, and is an active participant within his local community.



*admitted New York, Pennsylvania, Immigration Court

Attorney Kuldip S. Kasuri was one of the original co-founders of the Law Offices of Kasuri & Levy, LLC, which is today known as Kasuri Byck, LLC. | Law Offices. He has significant experience in a wide array of legal matters with over 30 years of experience. Attorney Kasuri currently handles various legal matters out of two New York offices, represents clients in Pennsylvania, and handles immigration related matters for New Jersey residents out of the firm’s New Jersey offices. He has established a well-known reputation and a well-recognized name throughout the United States as a leading & prominent attorney in the area of immigration law.

Attorney Kasuri currently resides with wife and children in New Jersey and strives to always be an active participant of various groups, organizations, and awareness events to further good causes within his local community.



Paralegal & Office Manager

Marjorie Silva is the Office Manager and Head Paralegal for Kasuri Byck, LLC. | Law Offices. Marjorie's experience consists of having worked in numerous private practices and other businesses to develop a large array of qualifications and capacity to handle even complex tasks in a very streamlined and organized manner.

Marjorie is fluent in Spanish, currently resides in New Jersey with her family, and is an active participant in her local community.



Client Account Specialist

Sunny Kaur is a Client Account Specialist for Kasuri Byck, LLC. | Law Offices. She works with the firm’s legal team and clients to assure smooth and effective administration of cases, on tasks, such as: intake, case management, billing inquiries, client support, client satisfaction, and more.

Sunny’s educational background includes having studied Business Administration from Pace University, Lubin School of Business in New York City and having studied Business Management in the MBA Program for Seton Hall University in New Jersey. Her experience includes having worked with Fortune 500 companies, such as UBS, Goldman Sachs, Macy’s Corporate, and other companies, such as Quality Inn by Choice Hotels International, Globe Tax Services, and Advertise180. She has held various positions, including: Client Services, Sales/Marketing, Purchasing Coordinator, Financial Analyst, Consultant, and Director of Business.

Sunny is fluent in Punjabi and Hindi, currently resides in New Jersey, and is an active participant in her local community.



Intake Specialist & Administrative Support

Crystal Rodriguez is an Intake Specialist and handles Administrative Support for Kasuri Byck, LLC. | Law Offices, including duties, such as: intake, calendaring, client support, administrative office support, and more.

Crystal is fluent in Spanish, currently resides in New Jersey, and enjoys working with the firm’s clients to assure their utmost satisfaction.